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Holster Recommendations
Now the name of this license is the "Concealed Handgun License", so how do I conceal my handgun? Well there are any number of ways to do it comfortably. This is a list of techniques and styles of holsters that meet the requirements of comfortable and concealed. There are allot of holster companies that produce junk, the companies we recommend don't.

SideArmor |  Comp-Tac | Bianchi |  Galco | SafariLand |  Fobus | Uncle Mikes  | Toters Jeans

Leather has its ups being tradition, style, and pride of ownership. Because of its ability to form to the gun it has the potential for a perfect fit. But it also requires some care, may be tight when new and loose when very old, and may squeak if not properly cared for. Also may not retain its shape for easy re-holstering which is key.

Plastics, whether Kydex, polymer or whatever, require no break-in. Generally fit perfectly from the start and are very fast to draw from and easy to re-holster. Downsides: some of the cheaper ones can break if abused. Most make a grating type sound when the gun is drawn. But they also are dramatically less-expensive than leather, quality level for quality level.

Fabric is generally the cheapest of them all and can be any fabric from ballistic nylon to Cordura. It rarely offers a perfect fit and most don't retain their shape for easy re-holstering, but doesn't generally make any noise when drawn from.

Small of the back (SOB)- May not be the most comfortable for extended sitting or driving.

Inside the Waist Band (IWB)- Much easier to conceal, but might require pants one size larger. I prefer the type that allows you to tuck in your shirt.

Outside the Waistband (OWB)- Very Useful for the range but hard to conceal unless you are wearing a long untucked shirt.

Shoulder Holster - Either under a button down shirt or under a sport jacket/ suit, comfortable.

Belly Band - For deep carry. Works well when dressed in a button up shirt or tucked in shirt, comfortable. Wouldn't recommend for overweight people.

Purse/ Briefcase/ Day Planner/ Fanny Pack - Deep concealment without the added weight on your person. Just don't leave it around for prying co-workers or kids. Good idea to put in a regular holster if in purse/ briefcase that way you don't accidentally discharge the weapon while fumbling around for other things.

Ankle Holster & Thigh Rig - Good for a back-up weapon or for times when no other option is appropriate

Toters Jeans - These are denim jeans that are designed to carry weapons in the pockets.
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