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Pistol Recommendations

When selecting a pistol for concealed carry you must consider factors such as; will I be carrying this pistol on my person for extended periods, what method of concealment will I be using (purse, hip holster, pocket, ankle holster, in vehicle), how does the handgun feel in my hand. Go to a reputable gun store and ask to hold these pistols in your hand, play with the action and trigger, look at the sites, see how it feels in your purse or inside your waistband. Make sure that if you are left handed that the safety and magazine release will work for you. Ask if you could test fire the gun that you think is best for you.


When deciding between a revolver and a semi-auto, I often ask what level of shooting experience a person has and if they will be using the  pistol for recreational as well as self-defense. A revolver may not have the high capacity of a semi-auto, but it does have simplicity in operation. To operate you simply aim and pull the trigger. No need to charge the weapon or ensure that the magazine is seated properly. If the revolver has a malfunction, all you do is pull the trigger again. While with a semi-auto you slap the magazine and than charge the weapon again to cycle a new round in the chamber. A revolver doesn't need constant maintenance from dust and debris that it could collect while sitting in your purse or glove compartment, while a semi-auto could malfunction if not cared for properly. I am not saying that a semi-auto is a poor choice, but just keep in mind the benefits of a revolver.


The following are pistols reviews from Gun-Tests Magazine, a consumer reports style evaluation. They don't accept advertising and thus have a fairly unbiased evaluation of the guns being tested. Not to say that one can't conceal any handgun properly, these just are able to be concealed without wearing a jacket or being weighed down too much, while still maintaining adequate stopping power. I believe that the minimum for stopping power is a 9mm and that anything smaller you are compromising your ability to stop the criminal in their tracks. Not to say that a little .25 won't kill a man, it just may take 10 minutes before he falls to the ground.           

Kel-Tec P3AT .380 ACP

The P3AT has all the advantages of the P32 with enough added power to make us feel more comfortable. Both Kel-Tec pistols were fun to shoot, and with the proper retention system should be safe to carry and be put quickly into action.             

LSH's take, this pistol is very, very concealable and inexpensive enough for even the tightest budgets. A true pocket pistol, though we do feel that the minimum stopping power for self-defense is 9mm, this pistol with proper ammo is a good compromise for those who would choose not to carry a physically larger pistol.



Kimber Ultra CDP II

Our ultra CDP II proved accurate, lightweight, and reliable. Solid ergonomics and 8-round capacity in a small package might make this Kimber's best model.             

LSH has personally used this gun and found it to be of great fit, finish, and concealability, but had some difficulty feeding Winchester ball/ range ammunition.       



Glock GL23

The Glock has been successful long enough to attract specifically designed cartridges (as per FBI requirements), but also a long list of aftermarket hop-up parts as well. While some shooters still cry out for a mechanical safety, others rejoice in the Glock's simple design and short, consistent trigger. We think each year's Glock is better than the last.             

LSH's take, this gun as with all Glocks is reliable and inexpensive. The compact Glock 23 is a great for concealability and firepower (13 + 1 rounds, .40 S&W).       

Glock GL27

We can't think of another handgun selling under that offers so much for so little. We got accurate fire from a short, consistent trigger, plus big, clear sights and a mag release you can find quickly. We thought it was a most practical pistol.             

LSH's take, small, powerful and reliable. What else do you need?       

Taurus 850 CIA (Carry It Anywhere)

More and more, we hear requests for a quality back-up gun for law enforcement or a light weight, reliable wheelgun for concealed carry. The Taurus CIA models answer that call. Available in either 5 shots of .38 Special or 5 shots of .357 Magnum, the CIA is the next logical step in personal protection handguns. The Model 850 is the .38 Special version of this gun, and like all Taurus .38?s, this one will gladly accept +P rounds without a hitch. The Model 850 is available in Matte Stainless Steel, Blue Steel and Taurus Total Titanium, to take full advantage of the combination of weight and size that these guns offer.       
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