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4/18/18 -
Poll: U.S. interest in gun control drops

4/18/18 -
Pro-gun crowd takes over Delaware gun-control debate

4/18/18 -
NRA praises new Nebraska law exempting gun records from disclosure

4/18/18 -
Ohio legislators look to clamp down harder on communities that try to pass local gun restrictions

4/18/18 -
New Jersey: Senate Committee Approves Gun Control Bills

Where Can I Carry?

As much as I believe that a law abiding citizen should be able to carry wherever they may find themselves, there are places that a CHL holder is restricted from carrying.

The following places are restricted from carrying;

  • Racetracks (Anywhere that Para-mutual betting is taking place)
  • Anyplace where either Amateur or Professional sporting events are being held
  • Courthouses or any building that has a courthouse in it
  • Any business that derives 51% or more of its business from the sale of alcohol for on premises consumption, i.e. Bars
  • Federal property, to include the Post Office.
  • Anywhere the 30.06 sign is properly posted (at least 1 inch block lettering in contrasting colors with this exact verbage, approximately 3x2 ft in size) at every common entryway. Or if someone with the authority to do so (manager) gives verbal warning that the carrying of a Concealed Handgun is not allowed.
  • On the "premises" of a school, school activity, or transportation by a school. In other words not inside the building of a school or during a school activity like a football game.
  • The secured area of an airport
  • Anywhere voting is taking place
  • On the "premises" of a correctional facility

The following places are restricted if the 30.06 sign is posted, in which case it is a Class A misdemeanor offense.

  • On the "premises" of a; hospital, nursing home, amusement park, carnival, church, synagogue, or any other place of worship.
  • At the meeting of a governmental entity.

Senate Bill 501 has removed the right of any city, county or state government of Texas to place a 30.06 sign on any building owned or leased by that government therefore not restricting the carrying of a handgun by a CHL holder.



TX Reciprocity Map


There are many states that have reciprocity with Texas for CHL purposes. This means that the Texas recognizes that states CHL and they recognize the Texas CHL. The above picture is a snapshot of those states, for the complete list go to the TXDPS website. One thing to note is that while traveling through these states one must remember that you must comply with their CHL laws. Though many of the laws are similar from state to state it is upon you, the CHL holder, to be in compliance with each state's laws.


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