FFL transfer/ questions should be directed to


FFL Transfers

Non NFA firearms- $20 for Texas LTC holders / $30 Non-LTC holder.

We use a digital 4473 software for transfers, which is safe and secure as well as reduces mistakes.

Email us at FFL@LoneStarHandgun.com. Tell us who you are, how to contact you when your firearm arrives, what you purchased, who you purchased it from & their email.
If they don’t already have it on file, we will email a copy of our FFL to the dealer you are buying from.
When the firearm shows up AND once we log it into our inventory, we will contact you to set an appointment to pick up and fill out the 4473.  (UPS/FedEx delivery notification does not mean that the item is ready for pickup.)  Transfers will be processed in the order in which they were received.
A valid Texas driver’s license or ID card with your current  physical address on it is required for all incoming transfers. If you are military with an out of state DL than bring along your PCS orders assigning you to Texas. A valid Texas LTC can help expedite your pickup process as it qualifies for the federal background check.  Military service members may use a valid driver’s license from any state with military ID and PCS orders.


NFA Transfer from another dealer- $75

NFA Purchase in Store- $0

Whether it was purchased in store or from an online retailer, the item now has to be transferred into your name and receive your tax stamp. There are three ways to do this: As an individual, through a trust or through an LLC.

To begin your tax stamp we are now utilizing Silencer Shop to assist with the faster eForm 4 from ATF. This requires a few steps;

Log in to your Silencer Shop account

● Have your eForms username, and pin handy or create one if you haven't already. (this can be accessed on ATF eForms)

● Call LoneStar Handgun and coordinate that you’re ready to certify your eForm 4

and click "Join Session".  If you are registering as an individual the ATF currently requires that you certify in person at your dealer's place of While waiting on your tax stamp to arrive you can check out your NFA item and use it on the range! We just can't let you take it home until we receive your approved tax stamp.


Customers have 30 days to pick up their transferred firearm after we receive the firearm. After 30 days you will be charged a fee of $1.70/day.

NFA item customers have 30 days to initiate the Form 4 and 30 days after Tax stamp is received before storage fee is charged.

After 180 days any products left unclaimed or not paid for the item(s) will be considered to be abandoned.