This is the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t quite sure which firearm is right for them. Buying the perfect firearm for defense or for sport can be a tough decision. Instead of taking everyone’s advice on what would be best for you, why not test out certain firearms to know for sure? Our experienced range staff is standing by to help you make the right choice to fit your own personal needs. Ammunition for rental firearms must be purchased at LoneStar Handgun.

$20 gets you access to all the rental guns except for machine guns. You can check 1 out at a time and exchange for another for no additional fee just purchase additional ammo.


Beretta 92- 9mm

Glock 17- 9mm

Glock 19- 9mm

Glock 48- 9mm

Glock 44- 22LR

Glock 23- .40S&W

Glock 17 Suppressed- 9mm

SilencerCo Maxim9- 9mm

Springfield Hellcat- 9mm

Springfield XD9- 9mm

S&W M&P Shield- 9mm

S&W M&P 22- 22LR

Sig P365XL- 9mm

Sig P238- .380ACP

S&W M&P EZ9- 9mm

Taurus Raging Hunter- .44Mag

Ruger MKIV Heavy- .22LR

Ruger MKIV Lite- .22LR


AKM WASR- 7.62x39

S&W M&P15- 5.56 NATO

Freedom Ordinance FX9- 9mm

CZ Upland O/U- 12ga

Maverick O/U- 12ga

Remington 870- 20ga

Ruger 10/22- .22LR


We Texans LOVE OUR GUNS, especially the select fire types! We have a growing selection of full-auto freedom sticks for you to enjoy. Our staff will orient you to the firearm and assist as necessary.

$30 includes 1 magazine of ammo, additional ammo is $1/ round. You must be at least 18 to shoot the full-autos.

AK-47 Romanian- 7.62x39

Glock 17 SMG- 9mm

Kriss Vector SMG- .45ACP

SOLGW M4- 5.56Nato

HK MP5 SMG- 9mm